Building FEED

FACE ME at FEED 0E garage gallery Collin Bonner's nonstop media experimentation continues through Memorial Day!
FEED opens up FEED crew cuts a hole in the floor of 2SW to accommodate a 30' tall 'digital waterfall' - coming this summer!
Noté Peter George: LITTLE FLOWERS Flying around Noté's projection mapped paintings and shimmering pools of projected flowers. residency support by Erie Arts & Culture *...
David Fodel at FEED Fodel lights up the massive facade of FEED with projections on glass brick windows
Collin Bonner: FACE ME A media art project space residency in gallery 0E melds old school gear and snowboarding culture
Noté Peter George: LITTLE FLOWERS Projection mapped paintings create a surreal effect in gallery 1E.
installing LIGHTS ON STATE David Fodel mapping FEED windows to animate the century-old facade
Roland Slade artist talk Rolling Slade discusses his artwork Celebrity Activists with Q+A moderated by Dr. Rhonda Matthews
1W archway Installation of a massive I-beam to support the new opening in FEED 1 West
FEED 1W brick wall demo Opening the archway in FEED 1W, brick by brick
FEEL THE LIGHT at FEED Electroflux presents FEEL THE LIGHT at FEED Media Art Center, February 4, 2023 featuring: Eric Lennartson (oscilloscope performance)...
Lonely ROCKS Season 0 Exhibition catalog of Lonely ROCKS Season 0 at Untitled Art | Miami Beach. Now on view 24/7 at FEED window gallery
onewayness + Valued Cu$tomer FEEL THE LIGHT onewayness & son music improvisation with Valued Cu$tomer visual performance. Drone shots of frozen Presque Isle beach by PJ Askey...
Eric Lennartson drawing light Eric Lennartson (Los Angeles) live oscillscope performance for electroFLUX presents FEEL THE LIGHT at FEED. Photo by Patrick Fisher
FEED facade sketch Concept sketch of FEED facade by Christopher Cooke
LLF artist talk Nick Taylor, Jessica Taylor, and Brad Triana of Liquid Light Factory set up for an artist talk about LET THERE BE LIGHT at FEED.
LET THERE BE LIGHT Visitor to FEED dressed for the occasion of Liquid Light Factory's projection installation
LET THERE BE LIGHT Nick Taylor of Liquid Light Factory projection mapping at FEED
LLF - Chevron installation Liquid Light Factory installs chevrons at FEED for LET THERE BE LIGHT
lonesav: LONE RADIO lonesav in his exhibition at STREET FEED pop-up gallery. (photo: Jessica Taylor)
lonesav: LONE RADIO Visitors to FEED pop-up gallery
lonesav: LONE RADIO video of the opening reception at STREET FEED pop-up gallery
FEED: video synthesis session Benton C Bainbridge video synth self-portrait
Watercolor Virus Pointcloud ghosthunt | music: Gryphon Rue
Raw FEED fly-through Flying through FEED prior to redevelopment
FEED 1W Main hall on downtown Erie's "Main Street"
STREET FEED pop-up media artworks: David Linton, Linda Loh
FEED 2NW Image Processing Studio floor refinishing
Benton C Bainbridge, Founder of FEED photo: Patrick Fisher
FEED 2SW FEED Project Residency Studio during renovation
FEED 3NW Future home of FEED immersive sound and video studio
FEED 3SW prior to renovation
hanging art in FEED 1W Installing a digital print of Beauteous (for muMs) by Benton C Bainbridge
Video synth Image Processing studio Building an LZX modular analog video synthesizer for FEED image processing studio. This synth was tested by Benton C Bainbridge on Will...
FEED 5E Loft after renovations