FEED: Work In Progress

Cymatic print performance Alex "Judy Ghost" Anthes performs music and cymatic prints with projection design by Collin Bonner in the Grounded + FEED event: FIBERS +...
STORY DRIVE Marcelese Cooper installs STORY DRIVE. This window installation collects tales from passers-by which Cooper animates and displays on old...
work environmental iki nakagawa's multichannel installation documents volunteers caretaking urban shorelines. studio visits by appointment and during FEED...
The Hideout at FEED Pulp! Visuals installs The Hideout at FEED. The rec room TV metastasized.
E.S.P.TV: Unit 11 at FEED Opening Reception at The Hideout November 10 | 8-10PM
Player Piano lonesav gazes upon the FEED Disklavier
ERIENESS Michael Chernoff's Multi-Channel VideoDoc of Erie, projected on the 2nd story windows 1301 State. Chernoff created the work in studio...
The FEED Mirror The FEED is a digital art and information platform showing in the heart of downtown Erie's Cultural Corridor. Visitors and community check...
SANIS through the veil SANIS staged a multi-layered immersive video design sandwiching the gorup within dazzling visuals by bandleader lonesav. OPEN FEED July 15...
Melia Chendo: Looking for a Body at FEED Poetry meets media art in a window installation made with obsolete AV tech
Cinemartyr + Nighry Shelton VJ Nighry Shelton splashes color on Cinemartyr at OPEN FEED July 15, 2023
Optical Animal: Projection Napping Optical Animal maps nappers for the Statik x FEED summer's farewell block party on September 15, 2023
STATIK popup custom clothes, rare prints and media art meet skateboard culture at STATIK, a little pop-up shop around the corner from FEED
Creative tech workshop Nick Fox-Gieg conducts a session on SBCs for the media arts in FEED 1SW
STATIK at FEED *upcycled clothes *prints *media art *pop-up at 41 East 13th Street *FRI/SAT 1-8P | SUN 1-5P
Between Hue and Hair Participants enjoy Bello Bello's interactive self-portrait installation at FEED
Ethan Hayden: Wave Train, 2023 Ethan Hayden discusses his interpretation of David Behrman's 1966 composition, Wave Train, realized in FEED 1E
Creative Crowd Erie Mayor Joe Schember interacts with Collin Bonner installation at FEED TOO during Erie Arts & Culture Creative Crowd.
Phase Shift Collective at FEED Andrei Jay, Kevin Kripper and Paloma Kop performed realtime media, installed interactive artworks and conducted workshops as visiting...
COIL at FEED COIL (Chamber of Infinite Light) is an art installation by Chris Jordan created at FEED in summer 2023
FACE ME at FEED 0E garage gallery Collin Bonner's media experiments with old school AV gear
FEED opens up FEED crew cuts a hole in the floor of 2SW to create a 30' tall ceiling
Noté Peter George: LITTLE FLOWERS Flying around Noté's projection mapped paintings and shimmering pools of projected flowers. residency support by Erie Arts & Culture *...
David Fodel at FEED Fodel lights up the facade of FEED with projections on glass brick windows
Noté Peter George: LITTLE FLOWERS Projection mapped paintings create a surreal effect
1W archway Installation of a massive I-beam to support the new opening in FEED 1 West
Lonely ROCKS Season 0 Exhibition catalog of Lonely ROCKS Season 0 at Untitled Art | Miami Beach. Now on view 24/7 at FEED window gallery
FEED 1W brick wall demo Opening the archway in FEED 1W, brick by brick
Eric Lennartson drawing light Eric Lennartson (Los Angeles) live oscillscope activation. Photo by Patrick Fisher
FEED facade sketch Concept sketch of FEED facade
LET THERE BE LIGHT Nick Taylor of Liquid Light Factory projection mapping at FEED
lonesav: LONE RADIO lonesav in his Sandbox residency (photo: Jessica Taylor)
lonesav: LONE RADIO Visitors to FEED pop-up gallery
lonesav: LONE RADIO video of the opening reception at STREET FEED pop-up gallery
FEED: video synthesis session Benton C Bainbridge video synth self-portrait
Watercolor Virus Pointcloud ghosthunt | music: Gryphon Rue
Raw FEED fly-through Flying through FEED prior to redevelopment
STREET FEED pop-up media artworks: David Linton, Linda Loh
FEED 2NW Grade 1 maple hardwood floor refinishing
Benton C Bainbridge, Founder of FEED photo: Patrick Fisher
FEED 3NW Future home of FEED immersive sound and video studio
Video synth Image Processing studio Building an LZX modular analog video synthesizer for FEED image processing studio. This synth was tested by Benton C Bainbridge on Will...
hanging art in FEED 1W Installing a digital print of Beauteous (for muMs) by Benton C Bainbridge
FEED 3SW prior to renovation
FEED 5E Loft after renovations
TRIGGERS in FEED 2SW Installing a video sculpture on 2SW prior to the removal of the floor for expansion of FEED 1SW ceilings to 30' rise