redeveloping FEED

Lonesav: LONE RADIO Lonesav in his exhibition at STREET FEED pop-up gallery. (photo: Jessica Taylor)
Lonesav: LONE RADIO Visitors to FEED pop-up gallery
Lonesav: LONE RADIO video of the opening reception at STREET FEED pop-up gallery
FEED: video synthesis session Benton C Bainbridge video synth self-portrait
Watercolor Virus Pointcloud ghosthunt | music: Gryphon Rue
Raw FEED fly-through Flying through FEED prior to redevelopment
FEED 1W Main hall on downtown Erie's "Main Street"
STREET FEED pop-up media artworks: David Linton, Linda Loh
FEED 2NW Hall 2NW before renovation
FEED 2NW Hall 2NW during floor refinishing
Wrenevieve & Butterfly
Benton C Bainbridge, Founder of FEED photo: Patrick Fisher
FEED 2SW Hall 2SW before renovation
FEED 1W Wagon wheel shop signage from the 1800s
Video synth session 2NW